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Let Our Addiction Recovery Program Lead you to a Better Life

If you or someone you love is actively using drugs, you know it can be difficult finding an addiction treatment facility that can help. Without having the proper assistance, however, addictions can quickly lead to life-threatening situations. Drug use doesn’t just affect the life of the user: it affects family, friends, coworkers and acquaintances. The Intrepid Recovery drug rehab center in Glen Burnie, Maryland can help you or your loved one achieve the dream they have been working towards no matter how long you’ve been using your drug of choice.

Why Addiction Recovery Works

Clients who have successfully completed our Glen Burnie addiction recovery program are more likely to achieve and maintain sobriety, experience fewer drug relapses, maintain better relationships with their loved ones and peers, and have fewer problems with law enforcement. Our drug detox clinic in Glen Burnie is the first step to achieving these goals and leading a brand new, healthier life. Getting sober on your own is not the best option when you are struggling every day of your life. Let us help you get through the worst of your drug use and change your life forever.  

Where to Begin your Journey

After you have made the first step to admitting yourself to our substance abuse treatment facility in Glen Burnie, you will begin the intake portion of your journey with us. We will sit with you and ask you important questions concerning your addiction and lifestyle. These questions will include issues such as when you started using, what drugs you are or have been addicted to, and when you used last. This information helps us determine the level of care that you need and proper course for detox.

Supervised Detox-You are Never Alone

All of our clients will have monitored detox services when they are a client with us at our Glen Burnie addiction recovery center. No one should go through the process alone, especially when you are heavily addicted to certain drugs and/or alcohol. The symptoms of withdrawal can range from mild to life-threatening, so we will always make sure that someone is with you during your stay at our Glen Burnie drug rehab facility.

Therapy Options

Our therapists will make sure to set you up with the right therapy services while you stay at our Glen Burnie addiction recovery facility. We offer many different services here including individual, group, and family therapy. After you have made it through your detox and are feeling better you can begin therapy. Our addiction treatment center in Glen Burnie has seen positive results with guests who have partaken in group therapy sessions and confide in others. We will always oversee any therapy sessions and our therapists will be there when you need them.

Dual Diagnosis

When you come through our recovery program we will discuss any mood or mental disorders you may have. More often than not, clients already have deep-seated problems that have either caused them to turn to drugs or have been a contributing factor in their drug use. We use a dual diagnosis technique to help you deal with your mental disorder concurrently from your addiction. Getting to the root of the problem is one of the most important steps in addiction recovery. Only then can you move on to the current problem and begin living a sober lifestyle.


We all know that just because you complete an addiction recovery program that it doesn’t necessarily mean you will stay sober. Getting back out into the real world sober will be just as hard, if not harder, when you no longer have the crutch of alcohol or drugs to fall back on. The Intrepid Recovery drug rehab center in Glen Burnie, Maryland all offer aftercare services that are there to help you when you find you are struggling to maintain your sobriety. Simply talk to your counselor about what you can expect after you finish our program.

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