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A significant number of the population in the country and worldwide is struggling with alcohol and drug addictions. If you or your loved one is struggling with the problem of addiction, it is important to fund a substance an addiction treatment center near you to help eradicate the problem. Our addiction recovery center in Albany, Oregon is focused on helping clients defeat the drug and alcohol addiction so that they can resume their normal lives. In addition, Intrepid Recovery drug rehab centers are located around the country. We are committed to helping clients get back on their paths as well as productive, happy, and successive lives. Acknowledging that recovery is not an easy process, our addiction treatment facility in Albany provides clients with 24/7 support and care from qualified personnel and a strong staff. The personnel helps clients through all the necessary steps involved in the rehabilitation process.

Supervised Detox

The most challenging step of the rehabilitation process is detoxification. If not properly monitored, the detox process can result in fatalities due to withdrawal symptoms. On the other hand, the failure of the detox process may result in relapse. At our Albany drug detox clinic, the team of professionals ensures that all the clients are provided with the necessary support and care to overcome their addiction. To achieve this, each client is subject to drug assessment where he or she is interviewed to determine the nature and extent of the problem and put in the most appropriate treatment plan. Drug assessment process helps our professionals determine the best way to provide supervised detox services to our clients, and thus reducing relapse rate and success of the overall rehabilitation process. These services help our clients rid themselves of alcohol and drugs from their bodies before entering the necessary treatment plan.

Excellent Treatment Plan

The health care and support needs of different clients are uniquely different. At our substance abuse treatment facility in Albany, Oregon, each client is provided with unique and highly individualized treatment plan. Our team of professionals drawn from both the field of drug addiction and psychiatry listens to each client to determine the most appropriate treatment plan based on the extent and nature of his or her problem. However, each client is provided with personalized and unique services specifically tailored to meet his or her unique care and support needs.

Dual Diagnosis

Our clients often exhibit symptoms and signs associated with co-occurring mental disorders. In order to help clients with the both problem of addiction and the associated mental disorders, our addiction recovery facility in Albany provides an integrative addiction recovery program. This program ensures quick recovery and reduces relapse rate. We acknowledge that effective addiction recovery necessitates the need to the concurrent disorders associated with alcohol and drug addiction. Our team of professionals conducts dual diagnosis to identify the underlying co-occurring disorders relating to alcohol and drug addictions.

Safety and Care of the Facility

The safety and care of our drug rehab facility in Albany, Oregon is prioritized over other processes and programs. We have a strong team of caregivers who provide 24/7 support and care to the elderly clients and those clients with mental disorders to ensure that they are always safe and secure. Safety starts with an individual, and thus we provide all our clients with safety tips that help them to enhance their own safety. Specifically, Intrepid Recovery training programs on safety issues are often focused on prevention. We also provide our clients with individualized professional counseling on how to ensure their own safety based on the respective problems. During the counseling sessions, each client is encouraged to speak honestly about any possible safety issues relating in the facility and provide suggestions on how to improve them.

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