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The Importance of Rehab on the Road to Recovery

Addiction can be a challenging thing to overcome, especially when you are doing it alone. That’s why the Intrepid Recovery drug rehab center in Sandy, Utah is here to give a helping hand to all clients on their road to recovery. Our Sandy substance abuse treatment facility prides themselves on the professionalism and compassion their facility offers. The first step in any drug rehab center is a detox program. One key addiction rehabilitation program that they offer is supervised detox. They allow the client’s body and mind to adapt while helping manage the symptoms of withdrawal.

At Intrepid Recovery, our addiction treatment center in Sandy treats the client in all aspects. An effective feature that their addiction recovery facility offers is dual diagnosis mental health treatment. This allows for addiction rehabilitation as well as therapeutic treatment. Their team of mental health professionals and addiction rehab counselors collaborate to give the best, most compassionate form of treatment. This addiction recovery program addresses all of the needs of the clients, including any emotional, mental, or physical needs.

At our Sandy drug rehab facility, they have made significant strides to ensure that the proper care and safety is provided for all of their clients. They can help to guide clients through addiction recovery, while ensuring they are comfortable, well cared for, and above all else, safe.

Intrepid addiction recovery centers offer support in multiple ways, from one-on-one counseling, to supportive group therapy. Clients will be able to help each other and be a part of an encouraging community. They do not need to feel uncomfortable or nervous at this drug detox clinic. They offer nothing but support and care. Honesty is encouraged, as the addiction treatment facility is a safe environment that encourages personal expression and growth.

Each client is treated as an individual, ensuring that each client’s treatment plan is unique to that specific client. Using this method ensures that every aspect of the client’s needs are catered to. Many different factors can lead different people toward addiction. That is why it’s important to recognize each client’s individual struggles and social factors, as well as many other factors that have played a role in their addiction. Our addiction treatment facility in Sandy, Utah will address all of these needs on a personal level, helping the client toward addiction rehabilitation.

When treating addiction, it’s important to understand that addiction can affect the body, the brain, as well as behavior. It should also be understood that different clients may have different needs when it comes to treatment, and that addiction recovery programs should be unique and cover all aspects of the client’s life. The goal of therapy in addiction rehabilitation is to make changes to the long term behavior of each client.

The three main processes of addiction rehabilitation are detox, therapy, and aftercare. The process of detoxification allows for the removal of all alcohol and drugs from the body. The client’s safety is ensured during this process through supervision by professionals.

The next step in the process is therapy. There are a variety of different types of therapy, ranging from individual therapy, to group, and family therapy. This process allows the clients to get to the root of their addictions and address the underlying problems. In individual therapy the client would be taught a variety of skills, from time management, to avoiding triggers. Group therapy allows the client to communicate with others who understand the struggles they are feeling and can form a sense of community with one another. Family therapy helps rehabilitate an individual by showing them that addiction can affect more than just the person addicted. Family can be a very positive source of support in overcoming addiction.

The final step of the rehabilitation process at Intrepid Recovery is aftercare. Each client will develop their own personal plan for aftercare with the counselors. These aftercare plans can include follow up programs, living facilities, as well as continued therapy and support groups.

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